Transmission in Charlotte

Are you in need of transmission in Charlotte and surrounding areas? Over the last year, The Production Group has worked several events that needed to be streamed to CDN’s or broadcast to networks where little to no connectivity was available. Our client’s big question, HOW? How do we effectively broadcast our message to the masses? In the past, this would put our clients into the deepest well in the world, screaming their message as loud as possible into a hole, but no one could hear it or see it. We believe that the way you get your message to the world is as important as the production itself. After all, the way you distribute your production is very important.

Broadcast Layered Pathways (BLP’s)

Today, there are several ways to get your ideas and messages to the world. At The Production Group we call these “Broadcast Layered Pathways” or BLP’s.

Layer #1: In-Studio Fiber Optic Network Broadcasting

Layer #2: Bonded Cellular Broadcasting

Layer #3: VSAT IP Satellite Broadcasting Truck

Layer #4: Conventional KU Satellite Broadcasting Truck

Transmission in Charlotte via Fiber Optic Network

distribution charlotte - the production group, llcIn situations where you can bring your production to us, you can utilize our In-Studio Fiber Optic Network. Bringing the power of Gigabit Fiber optics to bear with our multiple studios, we can broadcast your meeting, media tour, conference, seminar or point to point telecast to any broadcast network, television station or CDN of your choice.

Transmission in Charlotte via Our Mobile Broadcast Sprinter, Fly Pack, or Bonded Cellular Systems

Mobile Production Sprinter Banner - The Production GroupBut wait, can’t bring your production to us… No Problem. We can bring the production to you utilizing our Mobile Broadcast Sprinter or Fly Pack system. Our first line of in-field productions uses our “Dejero” Bonded Cellular Broadcasting System.  Combining the power of multiple cellular companies, using multiple cell towers, the ENGO system transmits your broadcast to the cloud where each signal is stitched back together to create a perfect high definition video that is then sent to your broadcaster or streaming CDN.

Transmission in Charlotte via Our 1.2-Meter KU IP Satellite Truck

distribution in charlotte - the production group, llcNo cellular communication where you are, still no problem. That’s when The Production Group brings out our 1.2-meter KU IP Satellite Truck, bringing the internet to literally any part of the country. Using our state of the art broadcast encoders thru the “Ground Control” IP VSAT System we can transmit your production up to the satellite, then down to our teleport where it is broadcast to the world. This truck can also be used to bring emergency internet connectivity to your business in case of an emergency or a natural disaster like we recently encountered with Hurricane Harvey.

Transmission in Charlotte via Control One Communications

Control 1 Communications logoFinally, if you would rather go a more conventional route, we can utilize our strategic partnership with “Control One Communications” to bring the Broadcast KU Satellite van to transmit to any number of broadcast satellites companies or networks. This is the same system used to bring professional sporting events to your home television.

These BLPs are guaranteed to distribute your productions to the end user of your choice with the high definition quality you have come to know. If you would like to know more information on how you can use any one of these Broadcast Layered Pathways in your business or event, call 704-333-2595 or contact us by clicking here.

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