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About The Production Group


Tedd Clayton

Managing Partner
Tedd Clayton has been in broadcast television for over 31 years, serving as cameraman, director, and producer. In 1979, while still in college, Tedd started his television career as a weekend part-time studio camera operator. Tedd advanced from camera operator to director of an award winning 6:00 pm newscast. Thru the years, Tedd went on to work for WXVT as Production Manager, WUPL as Operation Manager and then to own his own production company for over 10 years. In 2005, Tedd went under contract with The Disney Co. and became post-production manager for The Trinity Broadcasting Network in California. In 2008, Tedd moved to Charlotte, NC to become the Executive Producer of Long Form Media for The Inspiration Networks. With his many years of experience producing award-winning commercial, industrial, educational videos, he understands the importance of giving clients the most creative product possible, while staying within budget and finishing the project on time. Currently, Tedd is the co-founder and General Manager of The Production Group, applying his 30+ years of knowledge & skill to what he does today.

Yev Solodovnikova

Production Manager
Yev is a video production professional with more than 15 years of experience as an editor, motion graphics designer, photographer, and producer. Throughout the years she has worked on a variety of projects including news, documentaries, promos, music videos, commercials, and etc. Yev graduated with Master of Arts in Communication from the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University. She also has MS in Applied Mathematics from a university in Ukraine. In her current role as Senior Producer/Editor, Yev brings her extensive knowledge and experience to The Production Group’s creative process.

Brian Hollingsworth

Senior Producer-Editor
Brian Hollingsworth is a seasoned professional with over 20 years experience as an editor, producer, and photographer. He has worked with TV news, network reality shows and documentaries. Brian has been with the Discovery Channel, the Inspiration Network, FOX, ESPN, CBS, ABC and CNN. Currently, Brian is using his 20+ years of experience at The Production Group.

Donna Clayton

Chief Financial Officer
Donna started her career in account payable for a grocery chain in Pennsylvania. From there she expanded her skill sets to include office management and human resources for a television production company she owned with her husband, just outside New Orleans, LA. After losing the production company to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Donna joined the management team of a large Lifestyle Center in California. She then relocated to the east coast and began working as an Executive Administrative Assistant, for an International Ministry, her journey has now led her to The Production Group. Donna’s experience with administration, management, and finance makes her a great fit for our team.

Stephanie Gulette

A native of the Charlotte area, Stephanie has always had a passion for television production. She graduated from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting (Charlotte) with a degree in media broadcasting and the field of communications and operations and still works with the school as a mentor on the weekends. Stephanie became an Apple Certified Professional last April and is also skilled in Final Cut Pro, teaching others to use the program when she is available.

Keith Kelt

Keith Kelt is a Producer/Editor at The Production Group. As an editor, Keith has had the pleasure to work with clients from coast to coast and brings with him vast production experience as well. As a director of photography, Keith has worked on 3 award-winning short films and 1 award-winning feature film. He has recently worked for NC State Athletics, Film South Productions and producing wedding and real estate videos. Keith brings a unique skill set to The Production Group team. Keith holds his B.F.A. in Cinematic Arts & Media Production at East Carolina University with a minor in Art History and he also holds his Part 107 Remote Pilot License from the FAA. When not in the lab editing or in the field shooting, Keith can be found at home enjoying sports, movies, and time spent with family and friends.

Terry Bishop

Lighting Director
A Greenville SC native. Terry started his broadcast career at a local Christian TV Station before moving to the Charlotte area. He has freelanced as a TV Lighting Director for over 35 years and has lit everyone from The President to Governors, Race car Drivers, Sports figures, and Evangelists. His main focus is bringing the Light of the Gospel to a dark world through his creative lighting designs!

Kenneth Cullens

Audio Specialist
Kenneth Cullens is the Director of Audio for The Production Group. As a production and post-production audio professional, Kenneth has sound designed, recorded and mixed for many films under Hollywood Global Productions in Los Angeles. Kenneth has worked with NASCAR as a Sound Designer and Final Mix Engineer as well as Production Mixer for Media Comm (INSP). Additionally, Kenneth has a whole-hearted passion for music production and live drumming. He toured in a rock band throughout his early twenties and blames the drums for his career now as the head Audio Engineer for The Production Group. Kenneth has an Associate degree in Recording Arts from The Los Angeles Recording School. He enjoys watching documentaries and movies in the theater. Spending time with family and friends is what he finds most important.

Sterling Martin

Graphic Specialist
Sterling Martin is a North Carolina native. He’s an Artist/Designer who has been in the industry for several years. Sterling always had a passion for Art, fashion, design and advertising. He graduated from the Art Institute of Charlotte receiving his degree in Graphic design and winning numerous awards. From canvas, garments, to computer graphics he enjoys creating eye-popping designs.

Andrew Larson

Producer | Animator
Andrew Larson began his career 20+ years ago in high school doing motion graphics for WYES New Orleans. This is also when his working relationship with Tedd Clayton began, doing graphics and animation at MC Productions in New Orleans. Since then he has worked at several different companies, all of which nurtured his creative shills. This experience included print materials, television graphics, 2D and 3D animation, home design, video production, and post production. In 2011, Andrew founded Spirit Studios as an avenue for expanding his talents in 3D and 2D animation, character design, visual effects, logo design and composition. This allowed him to work directly with clients to formulate an end product that is true to the essence of each individual client. In order to further pursue his growing talents in animation and visual effects, Andrew enthusiastically joined the team as the Animation Editor at The Production Group.

Scott Laird

Marketing Specialist
With more than 20 years of international marketing experience as senior copywriter and editor, voiceover artist, creative director, and communications manager, Scott understands how to target your audience with effective messaging and maximum results. His extensive experience spans all media including websites, blogs, printed magazines, brochures, newsletters, email communications, radio, television, text messaging, and online video. Scott will work with you to identify who you are targeting, how best to reach them, what message to deliver, and most importantly — communicate why others should come to you instead of anyone else.

Jacob Tessler

Production, Social Media
A North Carolina Native, Jacob Tessler has had a passion for film and television from a young age. He entered the industry with an internship at The Production Group, where his hard work and positive energy ensured his place as a permanent member of the team. We feel lucky to have him as part of the family!

Memory Morgan

Website Design Manager
With more than a decade of experience as a graphic designer, Memory has taken her passion for elegant, smart design to the web. Using logical simplicity, balanced asymmetry, and striking photography, font, and color choices, she creates engaging email and social media campaigns, landing pages, web banners, websites, and more for maximum customer conversion. Memory is truly The Production Group’s webmaster. Start a conversation with us and see what Memory’s skills can do for your marketing efforts.

Tim Larson

Graphic/Web Designer, Web Developer, New Media
Tim Larson has been developing websites and creating graphics (print, digital, and web) for 16+ years. He graduated from Full Sail University in 2008 with a Bachelors of Science in Digital Arts and Design. He has a strong desire to help others and will walk with you to find the perfect solution that’ll also look top notch.


LEADERSHIP MATTERS WHEN IT COMES TO GETTING THINGS DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. We believe in bringing production leadership to the table for every project. Our production professionals know what it means to lead a television show, corporate video, sports event, aerial video project, satellite media tour, movie trailer, or product commercial from start to finish. All you have to do is bring your idea to the table and let us do the rest.


THE PRODUCTION GROUP HAS BEEN MAKING DREAMS COME TRUE FOR ALMOST 6 YEARS. The Production Group has 40 years combined experience. From CNN, to Fox, to ESPN, we bring a long history of professional production experience to the table. In the world of production, trial and error is not something you want to deal with as a client. Our team of professionals have logged the hours necessary to get it right the first time.


THE PRODUCTION GROUP WAS RANKED IN THE TOP 10 PLACES TO WORK IN THE CHARLOTTE AREA. Are you fresh out of college looking for an internship or a shot at the big time with a trusted company? Maybe you are a seasoned professional who is looking for a change of pace and a fun place to work. Well, you have come to the right place. We are a growing company and are always looking for talented professionals to join our team.

Our Values

Visual Concepts Brought to Life!
The Production Group believes that no dream is too big and no concept is outside the realm of possibility.

Integrity to the Core
The Production Group believes that our word is our bond. Integrity lives at the core of everything we do.

Passion with Persistence
The Production Group puts every ounce of passion and persistence they can muster into every project.

Our Prices

The Production Group strives to have production possibilities tailored to fit any budget.
Are you looking for the best quality at an affordable price? You have come to the right place. The Production Group Charlotte leads the pack in affordability and quality. We do not cut any corners, we only cut the cost of your production dreams and visual concepts.

The Production Group is Charlotte’s premier production studio service provider. We have four unique studios with some of the most advanced equipment in the industry. Whether you need a kitchen set, a green screen, or a talk show set – we’ve got you covered. Let us help your production dreams come true. REQUEST A QUOTE

The Production Group not only has the creative and video production services you need, we can help you take your project across the finish line with our post-production services. With our state of the art editing suites, color grading and finishing room, and audio finishing suite, your finished product is going to shine. REQUEST A QUOTE 

Do you need to create a live event to the web, but your location doesn’t have adequate internet connectivity? Let The Production Group bring the internet to you via our Satellite Internet Uplink VSAT Truck. With this new technology, we can automatically acquire the power of the satellite to connect you to Livestream, YouTube, Ustream or any CDN of your choice from anywhere in the world. REQUEST A QUOTE


Even in the world of science fiction, famous film creator Gene Rodenberry made the television & movie franchise “Star Trek” a beacon of the present day world.

Though his vision was several hundred years in the future, he took today’s issues and brought them to life. As a filmmaker or producer, you should always have elements of your production based in fact that people can relate to. Being relevant allows people to take ownership of your project because they can relate to your subject, characters or premise. Take it to the next level today!


Dare to be different! Take chances with your production. Create innovative sets, lighting and other production ideas that will separate your production from the rest of the pack.

New creative design helps your vision move to the next level. But remember, your audience still has to get it. Don’t make your idea so far off the beaten track that your viewers sit there and say, “I don’t get it”. You know what we mean. Just make it your production. When the curtain closes, you want to make sure that your audience knows exactly what just happened.


Make it believable. So many times we make things that the audience say “That could never happen”. Even Rodenberry’s vision of the future was steeped in fact.

Transporters, Phasers and Warp Drives were all created in the world of scientific fact. Make your production believable enough that any idea you would create would be understandable and plausible. That goes for any project you create, whether it’s a reality program or a science fiction epic, keep your project REAL! Make sure that your audience can relate with what they are seeing.