Our Values

Visual Concepts Brought to Life!
At The Production Group, we believe that no dream is too big and no concept is outside the realm of possibility.

Integrity to the Core
Our word is our bond. Integrity lives at the core of everything we do.

Passion with Persistence
We put every ounce of passion and persistence we can muster into every project.


Leadership matters when it comes to getting things done right the first time.

Production leadership is vital to every project. Our production professionals know what it means to lead a television show, corporate video, sports event, aerial video project, satellite media tour, movie trailer, or product commercial from start to finish. All you have to do is bring your idea to the table and let us do the rest.


We make dreams a reality.

The Production Group has 40+ years combined video production experience. From CNN, to Fox, to ESPN, we bring a long history of professional production experience to the table. In the world of production, trial and error is not something you want to deal with as a client. Our team of professionals have logged the hours necessary to get it right the first time.


Even in the world of science fiction, famous film creator Gene Rodenberry made the television & movie franchise “Star Trek” a beacon of the present-day world.

Though his vision was set several hundred years in the future, he took today’s issues and brought them to life. As a filmmaker or producer, you should always have components of your production based on facts, elements that people can relate to. Incorporating relevant aspects inspires people to take ownership of your project, allowing them to relate to your subject, characters, or premise. Take it to the next level today!


Dare to be different! Take chances with your production. Create innovative sets, set the mood with perfect lighting – anything that will set your production apart from the rest of the pack.

New, creative design helps move your vision to the next level. But remember, your audience still has to understand it. Don’t make your idea so far off the beaten track that it has viewers scratching their heads in confusion. It is important to make it uniquely your production, but equally important that your audience understands the message you are trying to portray.


Make it believable. There are many examples of movies and other productions that prompt the audience to say “That could never happen”. Even Rodenberry’s vision of the future was steeped in fact.

Transporters, Phasers, and Warp Drives were all created in the world of scientific fact. Make your production believable enough that the ideas presented are understandable and plausible. That goes for any project you create – whether it’s a reality program or a science fiction epic, keep your project REAL! Make sure that your audience can relate to what they are watching.

Our Team

Customized action plan to fit your needs

We provide multiple service options to address a wide array of production needs.

At The Production Group, we realize that each client is unique and, therefore, each project will come with its own unique set of specifications. Providing services in multiple areas of the production industry gives us the flexibility to customize each project to its specific requirements. 

Video Production

The Production Group is Charlotte’s premier production studio service provider. We have four unique studios with some of the most advanced equipment in the industry. Whether you need a kitchen set, a green screen, or a talk show set – we’ve got you covered. Let us help your production dreams come true. 

Post Production

The Production Group not only has the creative and video production services you need, we can help you take your project across the finish line with our post-production services. With our state of the art editing suites, color grading and finishing room, and audio finishing suite, your finished product is going to shine.


Do you need to create a live event to the web, but your location doesn’t have adequate internet connectivity? Let The Production Group bring the internet to you via our Satellite Internet Uplink VSAT Truck. With this new technology, we can automatically acquire the power of the satellite to connect you to Livestream, YouTube, Ustream or any CDN of your choice from anywhere in the world.

Contact us today to get a quote for your customized needs.


The Production Group was ranked in the top places to work in the Charlotte area.

Are you fresh out of college looking for an internship or a shot at the big time with a trusted company? Maybe you are a seasoned professional who is looking for a change of pace and a fun place to work. Well, you have come to the right place. We are a growing company and are always looking for talented professionals to join our team.