Animation Charlotte: It’s Not Just for Kids Anymore

Most of us probably spent a large portion of our childhood watching animation, in some form, but these days it’s not just for kids! You find animation being used in movies, adult comedic TV shows, commercials and everything in between. Traditionally animation was created by a team who would hand draw each frame manually. But these days through the help of computers we can expedite and simplify that process.

Animation Charlotte: Working with Animation

Here at The Production Group we occasionally get to work with a client that needs some form of animation. We’ve created everything from short informational motion graphics for the web to large-scale projections for a live stage performance. We primarily use the Adobe Creative Suite which provides a wide range of tools. Simple characters and objects can be created in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and then imported into After Effects for animating. Using a software program like After Effects allows the creator to have the computer generate the frames between two “keyframes” while changing a shape or element’s position, scale, and many other properties. This is typically referred to as “tweening” and can be a huge benefit and time saver to the computer animator.

After the primary animation is complete there are lots of little touches that can be added to really polish a piece. Secondary animation is often used to give inanimate objects more life or to make a block of text really pop. Secondary animation is basically generating additional motion as a reaction to the movement or primary motion of an object. Something as simple as slightly squashing or stretching an object while it’s in motion can really help give life to an animation.

Animation Charlotte: We Love to Experiment

At The Production Group, we love the opportunity to try new things and experiment until we find the perfect solution for our clients. Contact us if you are interested motion graphics or think you have a project that could incorporate any form of animation! We’d love to help!

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