Q: What kind of studio lighting do you use at The Production Group?
A: We use Dracast LED soft lights to Key light some of our sets. They give a smooth even light with great color rendition. They are flexible to choose and correct color anywhere between 3200K – 6000K degrees. We also use conventional tungsten fresnels and ellipsoidals.
Q: Can you do a custom lighting design for sets? What if I want a special style or feel to our look?
A: Yes we can! We have over 35 years of Network TV lighting and staging experience. Many cinematic lighting tricks can change the feel and add drama to your custom “look”.
Q: Why does lighting make such a big difference in how things look?
A: The proper lighting can make your production look it’s best! Some people may only see your work for a split second and they must decide if it is worth watching. If your “Look” is interesting and captivating they may stay and watch. Remember you can only make a first impression ONCE so make it as stunning as you can.


Q: Why would I want an animated video?
A: 1 Stop the social media scroll and Improve your brand visibility; 2 Deliver complex messages in a fun and engaging way; 3 Create engagement in person through digital displays (Trade shows, conventions, presentations and, In-store); 4 Gain more subscribers to build your mailing lists

Q: How long should the animation be?

A: Aside from a few fringe cases, your animated video should be between 15-60 seconds. That’s it. No, you don’t need more time to tell viewers about your amazing new accounting software. No, your video is not the exception to the rule. Companies have crunched the numbers and the data is clear, attention rates start to drop off after 60 seconds, and take a nosedive around the 2-minute mark.


Q:Which DAW or software program is used for audio recording and sweetening?

A: Pro Tools along with a host of plugins (i.e. Waves and Izotope)

Q: Which microphones are used for production and voice-over recording?

A: Countryman B6 lav mics for production and four Electro-Voice RE27N/Ds for voice over, ADR and podcasts.

Q: Aside from recording, what are the other audio services provided?

A: Dialogue editing, background and FX, music placement or custom music production, sound design, and a final-polished mix delivered in any format specified (i.e. broadcast television, social media, theatrical).

Common Questions

Q: Does the FlyPack and Sprinter Van have the same production capabilities as the Control Room in the TPG Headquarters?
A: Yes! All the production technology in the main control room has been mirrored to the FlyPack and Sprinter Van, so we can fit your needs no matter the situation. MORE INFO


Q: Our internet is slow and unreliable. Do you have a way to live stream our event using a different network?
A: In this scenario, we would recommend using our VSAT IP Video Streaming Mobile Satellite System. With this system we can set up our own private, dedicated internet connection with more than enough bandwidth to successfully live stream your event. MORE INFO


Q: I have a lot of ideas and many different themes for my new show but don’t know the next step, can TPG help?
A: Absolutely! The Production Group offers different ways to dive into the Pre-Production process whether it’s an in-person meeting or virtual. Every show is handcrafted to fit the client’s individual needs. MORE INFO