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At The Production Group Charlotte, our main job is to bring your visual concepts to life by using the latest state-of-the-art production equipment and content delivery systems on the market today. The Production Group Charlotte has a staff of award-winning producers and editors who take the time to craft the message you want your customers to hear.

  • TV Production Studio
  • Green Screen Production
  • Kitchen Production Studio
  • Outdoor Production
Our production studios have been utilized for local television shows, television commercials for brand-name companies, corporate videos, live broadcasts, and much more. If you need a professional studio for your talk show idea or need a green screen for something a bit more creative, The Production Group Charlotte can deliver.
  • Mobile Production Van
  • Flypack Mobile Unit
  • Single Camera
  • Aerial Videography

If live streaming over the internet, broadcast networking or recording onto SSD hard drives are your requirement, let The Production Group bring our total lineup of professional staff and services to your location or venue. From concerts, conferences or live sporting events, our Mobile Broadcast Sprinter or Custom Flypack can come to you with multiple cameras and graphics to make your production have the high-level production quality that your company or event deserves.

  • Professional Editing Suites
  • Post-Audio Productions
  • Color Grading & Finishing
  • Web & Graphic Design

Whether in ultra-modern “Edit Suites” using DaVinci Resolve 14, our “Color Finishing Rooms” or “Audio Design Suite” using Avid ProTools, The Production Group can take care of any post-production needs you may have. From HD to 4K, we have the people and the equipment to meet your extensive production requirements.

  • Satellite Internet
  • Fiber Optic
  • Media Duplication
  • Bonded Cellular

Do you need to create a live event to the web, but your location doesn’t have adequate internet connectivity? Let The Production Group bring the internet to you via our Satellite Internet Uplink VSAT Truck. With this new technology, we can automatically acquire the power of the satellite to connect you to Livestream, YouTube, Ustream or any CDN of your choice from anywhere in the world. Well, not Antarctica, but just about anywhere else.

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