Field Production

mobile production sprinter

Our mobile video production sprinter allows us to go where the other guys can’t.

We have built the Ultimate Outdoor Broadcast Mobile Production Sprinter Van to cover any Production type or need.

Fully loaded with 4 HD cameras, tactical quality cabling, and 8 isolated channels of video recording, our van allows us to shoot footage anywhere in your venue. We can even provide wireless communications solutions so that those on the inside are on the same page as those on the outside.

Make your production dream become a reality with our Mobile Production Sprinter. Take the next step and set up a consultation today.

flypack mobile unit

Looking for a reliable mobile production option? You’ve come to the right place.

We are the definition of mobile production. We are designed to take up minimal space while providing the maximum broadcast quantity. We carefully engineered these HD Video Flypacks to be as simple to setup and operate as possible. plug in your cameras and start your shoot or webcast.

We offer complete turnkey packages to produce high-quality live broadcasts, corporate events, lecture capture and sports programming. We also provide consulting services for studio build-outs and turnkey video production services. Our staff of highly experienced video engineers and production crew can provide solutions for all of your production needs!

If you are ready to take the next step, set up a consultation today.

aerial videography

TPG is an FAA part 107 certified aerial videography company. Trust us with your next drone project.

We specialize in Professional Aerial Photography and video using small drone aircraft. Cutting edge aerial technology, aerial photography, and aerial cinematography offer your company a dynamic solution to your project.

We are passionate about finding the right shot. Our videographers are focused on getting your company the best results with our highest grade drone footage. Let us take you to new heights. Not only are our drone pilots the best in the industry, they are FAA Part 107 Certified pilots. This means that all our shoots are legal and on par with state and federal guidelines.

If you are ready to make your production dream become a reality, choose The Production Group’s Aerial Videography for your next big project.

single camera production

TPG knows single camera production. Choose us for your next single camera project.

There are two types of camera formats; single camera and multi-camera. Our production using single camera format is generally used with just one camera and is mostly used in dramas, documentaries and comedies. Each shot and camera angle is taken by the one camera unlike a multi-camera format, where there is a camera for every angle and shot needed in a particular scene, which they are then switched to show these different perspectives.

By utilizing this single camera method effectively, The Production Group, can bring your TV show or documentary to life. TPG is the trusted source for single camera production in the Charlotte area.

If you are ready to take the next step, set up a consultation today.