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We have a reliable bonded cellular broadcast solution for your next off site broadcast.

Our first line of in-field productions uses our “Dejero” Bonded Cellular Broadcasting System. Combining the power of multiple cellular companies, using multiple cell towers, the ENGO system transmits your broadcast to the cloud where each signal is stitched back together to create a perfect high definition video that is then sent to your broadcaster or streaming CDN.

Cellular bonding changes the landscape of the broadcast contribution market. By having such a crosslayer technology from the physical layer up to the application layer, it is now possible to transmit full HD video with a very low delay, even while on the move.

If you are ready to make your production dream become a reality, choose The Production Group’s bonded cellular service for your next big project. Take the next step and set up a consultation today.


We have a reliable fiber optic broadcast environment for your next project.

In situations where you can bring your production to us, you can utilize our In-Studio Fiber Optic Network. Bringing the power of Gigabit Fiber optics to bear with our multiple studios, we can broadcast your meeting, media tour, conference, seminar or point to point telecast to any broadcast network, television station or CDN of your choice.
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The production group is proud to announce our latest innovation: our vsat ip video streaming mobile satellite system

Now we can literally transmit to any CDN in the world from any location in the world. YouTube, Livestream, Vimeo, UStream, Facebook you name it, we can transmit to it. Let us bring your next event to the world using our state of the art broadcast encoders through the “Ground Control” IP VSAT System we can transmit your production up to the satellite, then down to our teleport where it is broadcast to the world. Unlike satellite Internet services that were adapted from television broadcast technology, VSAT Systems broadband satellite networks were built from the ground up for IP services. This dramatically reduces the latency often associated with other satellite-based IP solutions. High-efficiency TCP acceleration and accelerated TCP handshake enhances performance by mitigating the effects that satellite latency typically has on TCP/IP traffic. If you are ready to make your production dream become a reality, choose The Production Group’s VSAT IP Video Streaming Mobile Satellite System for your next big project.
distribution charlotte - the production group, llc


TPG is known for our reliable media duplication? Our media duplication service has many options available.

The Production Group can produce your message, tell the story of your product or service, and prepare those programs for viewing on any of the Social Media sites. We can take your camera files, tablet files, SD cards and transfer them to DVD or to the computer file of your choice. Need CDs or DVDs? We duplicate them in-house, complete with high quality imprinted graphics on the disc as well as variety of packaging options.

We can do small or large CD/DVD & media duplication runs. Create your Audio CDs, Data CDs, Video DVDs, or Blu-Ray™ discs in small or large batches with our high-quality media duplication services. We have many choices when it comes to media duplication products for Your content. We can provide your content onto USB Flash Drives, Portable Hard Drives, and even Playaway Audio Devices.

We use the latest technology in the industry, you create the artwork or we can re-purpose your graphics for the artwork and duplicate it onto your products! If you are ready to take the next step, set up a consultation today.